Sohan Baviskar

for VP Finance and Services
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Create new funds
Increase student engagement
Transparency in SFSS decision making


SFSS has $2.7 million in surplus that is not being utilized. If I get elected, I will use this fund to increase need-based bursaries for students. 


Is the annual contribution for the extended health and dental benefits. If I get elected, SFSS will contribute towards Undergraduate Health Plan Fund from its surplus for 24/7 mental health services on campus.

SFSS expenditure breakdown.png


Is the contribution from FIC students for SFSS membership. However, they do not get voting rights in the electoral process. If I get elected, I will hold a referendum with FIC to ensure every student's voice is heard. 

Restructuring budget

If I get elected, I will increase SFSS contribution for student bursaries from 7.5% to 15%

I will also increase club grants from 7.5% to 12% to increase student engagement on campus. 

Hello SFU,


My name is Sohan Baviskar and I am running to be YOUR next VP Finance and Services on the SFSS Board of Directors. I am a third-year student currently pursuing Economics and Business, but you might remember me better as the friendly barista at Westmall Starbucks!


I have previously served as the VP Finance for the Residence Hall Association at SFU, where I managed the yearly budget of $50,000 to improve student experiences and deliver to their interests. I was honoured to be nominated for SFU’s delegation that attended the National Leadership Conference (NACURH) at California State University. I have also represented SFU at the Pacific Regional Business Conference (PACURH) at the State University of Portland. These conferences discussed the problems students face and the many initiatives student bodies are taking at universities across North America. Understanding these perspectives enables me to understand your concerns and restructure our yearly budget to address those needs.